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Sara Jamshidi a research-led designer and educator. Since her post-graduate studies at the Royal College of Art, she brings her academic research in interdiscipilnary graphic design and computational thinking methods into her professional design process.

Her practice puts participation and collaboration at the core of a design process through generative research, workshops, design sessions, and usability and concept testing, to name a few. Sara is currently leading teams of designers and researchers at a boutique human-centered management consultancy in NYC redefining the employee work experience within enterprises.

Sara Jamshidi

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Design Strategy & Digital Product Design

Enterprise Software
Visual Communication
Design Systems & Product Design
Project & Team Management

As design principal at a human-centered consultancy, I lead teams of product and user-experience designers and researchers using human centered design approaches, behavioral science methods, and visual communication skills to bring clarity into complex business and regulatory events.

We deliver design solutions that meet and exceed business and user needs. My teams are collaborating with cross-functional teams across Business, Technology, and Development, to define and implement design strategies and roadmaps.

Understand user needs and goals:
Meet with clients to understand their business needs and goals, and conduct in-context design research to understand the needs and pain points of their users.
Create visual representations of user experiences:
Use visual models, such as user flows, wireframes, and prototypes, to illustrate current and/or future state experiences, risks, and areas of strategic opportunity.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams:
Work with UX and development teams to produce high-quality user experiences that meet the needs of users and the business.
Manage and oversee project deliverables:
Ensure that projects are executed on time and within budget, and that all deliverables are met.
Inform business and technology strategies:
Use design thinking to inform business and technology strategies, and create human-centered digital experiences that improve the lives of users.

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