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Sara Jamshidi a research-led designer and educator. Since her post-graduate studies at the Royal College of Art, she brings her academic research in interdiscipilnary graphic design and computational thinking methods into her professional design process.

Her practice puts participation and collaboration at the core of a design process through generative research, workshops, design sessions, and usability and concept testing, to name a few. Sara is currently leading teams of designers and researchers at a boutique human-centered management consultancy in NYC redefining the employee work experience within enterprises.

Sara Jamshidi

Persian Stamps

Project M—Iranian stamps from Monarchies and Mullahs to Mardom

Persian Stamp  

Academic Research

Investigating visual iconography of Iranian stamps.
Overarching themes are:
1.  Kings' portraits and Khomeini's picture;
2. Lion and Sun symbol and Allah icon;
3. The naming of the country; international relations;
4. Women's representation—or lack thereof;
5. Persian civilization and cultural heritage;
6. Modernization and urban development;
7. Untold histories and neglected events.

This study explores the collective identity and official culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran as it has been promoted through the official postage stamps released by the government between 1979 and 2019.

This collection has been divided and studied in detail based on identified thematic categories. Each category is then explored concerning the most important events and individuals that have influenced the country’s collective identity and cultural history not included in the official stamps.

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