Sara Jamshidi


Sara Jamshidi a research-led designer and educator. Since her post-graduate studies at the Royal College of Art, she brings her academic research in interdiscipilnary graphic design and computational thinking methods into her professional design process.

Her practice puts participation and collaboration at the core of a design process through generative research, workshops, design sessions, and usability and concept testing, to name a few. Sara is currently leading teams of designers and researchers at a boutique human-centered management consultancy in NYC redefining the employee work experience within enterprises.

Sara Jamshidi


Branding & Visual Identity
Exhibition Design

The Dialogue exhibition draws comparisons between the contemporary artwork of Corcoran School of Art & Design students and that in the George Washington University’s collection. The students’ artworkss were hung near related pieces and the exhibition was continually evolved as comments and correspondence were placed next to the pairings.

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