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Sara Jamshidi a research-led designer and educator. Since her post-graduate studies at the Royal College of Art, she brings her academic research in interdiscipilnary graphic design and computational thinking methods into her professional design process.

Her practice puts participation and collaboration at the core of a design process through generative research, workshops, design sessions, and usability and concept testing, to name a few. Sara is currently leading teams of designers and researchers at a boutique human-centered management consultancy in NYC redefining the employee work experience within enterprises.

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Project Archive

Typographic Blocks

Imagine a world in which words are treated as structures, texts represent buildings, and language is a physical and spatial entity.  


Imagine a world in which words are treated as structures, texts represent buildings, and language is a physical and spatial entity. 

GoLocal—participatory workshop

The goal of the project was to nurture autonomy and community in a multicultural context, focusing on refugee and asylum-seeker children.

Food Workshop

 Through this workshop we explored food as a facilitator of collaboration within a community.

We art! Together

We art! Together is a movement created to unite the University of Connecticut community through arts in order to advance their shared ideas.

Perspective Type Family— A Culturally-Conscious Arabic Typeface

Aesthetic characters of this typeface are drawn from the languages of each region and their historical context to determine suitable styles that are inspired by each region and country’s cultural history.

Project M—Iranian stamps from Monarchies and Mullahs to Mardom

What if your only resource for learning about a country was a complete archive of its postage stamps? How accurately would this collection show the country’s history, culture and the collective identity of its people?

Book Test Unit

Book Test Unit is an experimental initiated by Dr. Teal Triggs and Robert Hetherrington at the School of Communication at Royal College of Art culminated in an exhibition in 2017. The projects and series of experiences exploring various critical perspectives on the future of the book and publishing. Interrogating the role of the book, the reader, and the library, we aimed to investigate the notion of ‘the book’ and ‘publishing

Farsi Poems

Ongoing exploration and visual interpretations of poems mostly by renowned Iranian poet Rahman Karimi.
Some of the posters have been exhibited at Typographic Singularity in London and Dubai Design Week in 2017 and 2018.  

Thread of Life

Thread of Life is the first artist book in a series of experimental artist books exploring the nature of books and codex form.
This title investigates the notions of pace, connectedness, tension, and stress through abstract narrative sewn within the pages of a moleskin notebook in the shape of a circle repeated throughout every page.   

Google Arts & Culture and Royal College of Art Fashion Department

Project assistant on digitizing the collection and updating metadata and preparing the material for an online exhibition about the Royal College of Art’s Fashion Department on Google Arts & Culture.

Project Management: Neil Parkinson

Tree of Life

This book contains three essays by Sõetsu Yanagi, Jonathan Safran Foer and Josef Albers. In this book I focused on typography, the importance of negative space, and the game of black and white that creates the letterforms. The concept was drawn from parts of the essays about the significance of seeing and knowing, as well as comprehending the life that happens in-between the facts.

RCA Jewellery and Metal
2018 Show Catalogue

catalogue for the 2018 graduate show of the sJewelry and Metal programme at the Royal College of Art
In collaboration with Jake Pardoe

50 Books | 50 Covers

Designing the catalog and a traveling exhibition of the selected 50 Books and Cover designs of 2014. More on the catalogue is available on the kickstarter page. The exhibition was shown during the AIGA Conference in New Orleans, at the Grolier Club in New York City, and ArtSpace in New Haven. 
Cretive direction: Jessica Helfand, Design Observer

Property Marketing

Working with a boutique investment shop on creating print and digital marketing materials for their property in Lac Tremblant, Canada.

Additional Teaching Experience

Conducted workshops at the Royal College of Art in London, the University of Connecticut, Hove Park School in Brighton, U.K., and other international cultural organizations. Served as a guest critic at Yale School of Art, Trinity College, and Central Saint Martins in London and visiting tutor at the University of Connecticut with Daphne Geismar.


[Tæmbr] is a website and printed magazine that offers a platform about art, culture, and visual history of Iran shaped by Iranian women in today’s world. 
Tæmbr, pronounced /tamr/ is the IPA phonetic transcription of تمبر, which means postage stamp in Farsi.

Magic in Monaco

Designing the auction catalogue, invitation, and exhibition graphics for Magic of Persia’s 2017 gala and fundraising event in Monaco.

Typographic Blocks

Imagine a world in which words are treated as structures, texts represent buildings, and language is a physical and spatial entity.  

Typographic Blocks

Visiting Critic in MA Graphic Design department at MICA. Participate in MFA classes at the Interior Architecture program in GW regularly as a guest critic covering various communication design subjects.

The Quarterly

Dsigning the first two issues of Observer Quarterly, a quarterly magazine by Design Observer about the expanded creative practices covering realms of food and sound design.
Art Direction: Jessica Helfand  

What Design Sounds Like

A Design Observer Symposium on Design and Sound at the School of Visual Arts, 2015. Identity, promotional material, website, and event program of What Design Sounds Like Symposium.
Art Direction: Jessica Helfand

Typographic Blocks

50 Books 50 Covers is an annual international design competition by AIGA and Design Observer. More information on the competition is available here.
Cretive direction: Jessica Helfand, Design Observer

Hotchkiss School

Identity, brand guideline, and proposed collateral material for The Hotchkiss School.
Art Direction: Jessica Helfand 

Daphne Geismar Website

Design, development and maintenance of the website of book designer, Daphne Geismar. The design phase was part of an educational collaboration with the artist. The development was finished in January 2014; the maintenance, and designing and developing the newsletters have been a continuous project.
Art Direction: Daphne Geismar
Designed in collaborators: Celia Poirier and Justin Braisted

Union Square Dental Practice

Branding, identity system, and design of the website for Union Square Dental Practice. The project includes development and maintenance of the website as well.


Identity and exhibition catalog for the works of textile artist, Vibeke Rohland, for the Contemporary Arts Galleries at University of Connecticut.
Art Direction: Edvin Yegir. Designed in Collaboration with: Emily Nitti, Amanda Batula, Justin Braisted

Introduction to Genetics Introduction to Genetics is the final submission of my undergraduate senior project, completed in April 2013, in which I utilized my education in biology to create a textbook about the fundamentals of genetics. The result is a comprehensible textbook that manifests an introduction to genetics, in its content as well as form and structure. This book is blind debossed with handset type and folded pages to convey the DNA and anatomy of chromosomes. The sole secondary material used is adhesive tape to resonate the role of proteins in the structure of chromosomes.

Project M—Iranian stamps from Monarchies and Mullahs to Mardom

This study explores the collective identity and official culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran as it has been promoted through the official postage stamps released by the government between 1979 and 2019. 

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