Sara Jamshidi

Pedagogical Practice

I served as assistant professor and director of undergraduate studies at Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at George Washington University, where I oversaw the curriculum, developed syllabi, and taught across the graphic design program. Some of my classes were: 

Design Fundamentals I and II
An introduction to the visual components that serve as fundamental principles in the field of design. The study, classification, and application of Gestalt theories of perception, color systems for designers, and pattern making.

Communication Design
Through this course, the students are introduced to both traditional and contemporary graphic design practices through hands-on projects, typographic experiments, and direct engagements with local neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. This course allows the students to combine creative thinking, analytical skills, and design practices with social and civic engagement, to propose interventions using new typographic and visual communication products. They will expand their perspectives by identifying a social issue or a civic concern in a local neighborhood and manage a long-term project by adapting design processes from concept development, visual documentation, and experiments to production.

Typography I and II
Typography I offers an introduction to typefaces and letter-forms, covering typographic terminology, history, technology, classification, measurement, history and context.
Building on the foundations of Typography I, Typography II is an intermediate studio course in typography with projects that explore audience, structure/syntax, content/meaning, visual hierarchy, and aesthetics in message building for visual communications. Since Spring 2021 the students work with Free Minds on designing and producing a publication incorporating series of poems and dialogues around them that are produced during their writing workshops. Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop uses the literary arts, workforce development, and violence prevention to connect incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youths and adults to their voices, their purpose, and the wider community.

Design Studio Studio II
This course explores brand identity systems and programs. The students will practice iterative design process to develop a cohesive and comprehensive branding program. The developed brand identity is applied to various media: print, motion, and web. Since 2019 that I developed this syllabus, the students work with local and international NGOs and non-profits.
Our partners include: 
Anacostia BID (Business Improvement District) in Washington DC
Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center
Magic of Persia 
Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop 
Rock Creek Park Conservancy

Please consider supporting them however you can asa well. 

Advanced Graphic Design Studio
In this course, students develop strengths in conceptual thinking and formal experimentation. Students are encouraged to develop design languages that reflect their own artistic and cultural identities while communicating to various audiences. Projects are presented in a variety of media.

Additional Teaching Experiences 
Visiting Critic in MA Graphic Design department at MICA. Participate in MFA classes at the Interior Architecture program in GW regularly as a guest critic covering various communication design subjects. Conducted workshops at the Royal College of Art in London, the University of Connecticut, Hove Park School in Brighton, U.K., and other international cultural organizations. Served as a guest critic at Yale School of Art, Trinity College, and Central Saint Martins in London and visiting tutor at the University of Connecticut with Daphne Geismar.

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